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CBD is becoming a significant off-trade ingredient, widely consumed in beverages in the US for example.

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant family (Cannabaceae) includes both marijuana and hemp which are from the same plant species (Cannabis sativa), but vary in how they grow and therefore, in their active ingredients.

Hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive constituent of the plant) and a high amount of CBD (cannabidiol, which does not cause a high or addiction).

Marijuana is any cannabis strain with more than 0.3% of THC as dry weight. Marijuana can also include both Cannabis sativa and another related species, Cannabis indica.

Why the sudden popularity?

CBD has a wide variety of scientifically-proven medicinal properties such as being ananti-depressant, providing anti-inflammatory pain relief, neuroprotection  and treatment of seizures, as it helps to tackle inflammation, pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

These promising properties mean that in countries where the use of this compound is legal, consumption has spread like wildfire.

What can you find it in on the market?


The beer sector is well acquainted with the Cannabaceae family, given that it includes the hops used to make a beer bitter, so there is a clear and logical connection between these products and some breweries even include it in their lists of ingredients. It can be found in beverages with or without alcohol such as:

  • CANNABEER: This could be said to be the first craft beer made in Spain. The brand explains that it is the best option for incorporating hemp into your diet and enjoy its benefits without even noticing. Their beers contain 5% vol. and responsible consumption is recommended.
  • TWO ROOTS: North American non-alcoholic beer, containing CBD and THC, with sales only permitted in the US where cannabis consumption is legal. They have several varieties to meet consumer preferences.
  • VYBES: Organic fruit-flavoured drink from the US. The brand explains that it regulates anxiety, stress, mood, sleep and memory. In short, it is said to improve emotional wellbeing.
  • WINABIS: Green-coloured, low-alcohol wine, infused with CBD. The brand explains that it belongs to the Santa Margarita cellar and reproduces the aromatic palette of cannabis smoke, without having the same psychoactive effects or containing THC.
  • BOTANIC LAB: This could well be the UK’s first CBD-infused drink, containing morello cherry, hibiscus and hemp extract. The brand explains that they have taken the healthy part of cannabis and made it into a drink.
  • ROOT BLENDS: A US company that sends the necessary ingredients to make a smoothie with special properties at home. The brand’s slogan is ‘What feeds you’.


You can find products such as:

CANNABIS BAKEHOUSE: A company selling brownies, muffins, biscuits, pastries and coffee.

CBD oil

CBD oil is the way of giving food that personal touch, adding oil in the right proportion.


Used topically so that CBD does not enter the bloodstream, its effects are limited to the area of application for 20-30 minutes.


Release their content into the bloodstream and effects can last for 4-6 hours.

Can these be consumed all over the world? Do they have any adverse effects?

The WHO Expert Committee says that in general, CBD is considered to have relatively low toxicity, although not all of its possible side effects have been examined. It also leaves the decision of whether to legalise or prohibit the substance to the governments of each country.

The side effects that may occur are nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, changes in appetite and body weight, low blood pressure, dizziness and clumsiness (difficulty walking).

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